Tuesday, April 27

blog; You are not the sun,

and my world does not revolve around you.

I'm just gonna keep this as short as I can:

Dear Male YouTube Makeup Tutorial Viewers,

Leaving comments on makeup tutorials that sound something like, "This makeup is caked on, I love my women natural" or "I wouldn't take this girl home! She won't look the same in the morning!" -- is stupid and egotistical, and really kind of patronising. No, you don't sound like a nice guy lookin' for a natural beauty. You sound like a dickhead.

I don't like girls who wear makeup, natural is the best: Please, go find one. Be happy with her. Leave the girls who DO wear makeup alone now.

This girl wouldn't even look the same in the morning!: You, sir, are an absolute douchebag. This comment implies that 1) you would have a one-night stand with anyone if she just looked pretty at first sight, which makes you shallow; and 2) you wouldn't even have the decency to get to know her after you realise you've slept with someone who isn't a runway model. Absolute douchebag.

I wouldn't want my girlfriend to put on this much: Okay, why would the YT guru care about what you'd want your girlfriend to do? 1) you sound like a chauvinist, 2) the YT guru isn't your girlfriend so gtfo, and 3) nobody else cares.

This makeup is skanky/ugly/whorish/whatever: That little red X you see in the corner? Yeah. Click it. Video vanish! Betcha didn't know that spiffy trick.

In the end, males-watching-makeup-tutorial-videos-and-making-shitty-comments, this is the deal: we don't put on makeup just to please you. And I personally do not put on makeup just so I can get comments from men along the lines of, "You're a hot Asian bitch, I'd wanna come on your face."

No. Not classy. It's also known as sexual harassment. Yes, even as a comment on YouTube. So no thanks.

No love,

PS: I don't even make YT makeup tutorials, but I'm sick of scrolling through comments and finding 3 out of 5 pages of this complete bullshit. And asking, LOL I'm a guy, why am I watching this? is just bizarre. How would I know why you're watching a YouTube makeup video?

My makeup isn't about you.
My makeup is about me.
Have a nice day, asshole. (Or not.)

Long story short: Men need to stop assuming that the sole reason women get sassed up is to find a boyfriend, husband, or sex partner. Sir, you are not -- I repeat, NOT -- the center of my fucking universe. I'M the center of my fucking universe. Goodbye.


  1. I toootally agree with you girl! I, for one, do not wear makeup to impress guys. Moreso for girls, I'd say! Lol! And to make myself feel presentable. If we wanna do our makeup a certain way, it's nobody's business but our own!

    Guys are such stupid pricks sometimes. Seriously. I mean, I know it's not wrong to have an opinion and all... but if it's a negative, rude, and just plan jackass remark... keep it to your-fucking-self!

    Why the heck are they even watching this shit if they don't like it? Oh right. Probably because they are desperate a lameass with nothing better to do, and they're probably actually whacking off to the video. And to make themselves feel less like a loser, they be a fucking troll and leave douchebag comments. Seriously, guys like that need to STFU and GTFO. Girls don't post their videos to get some dumbshit guy's ignorant-ass opinion on them -__-;

  2. I know, right! I mean, I have nothing against guys who think girls can look just fine without makeup -- but if you can like a girl without makeup, then you can like her with makeup, too. Being a jerk about it just makes you look bad, sir.

    And I also have nothing against opinions, good or bad: sometimes you just can't like something. But being a complete asshole about it? So not on. Be blunt, be straightforward, but don't be a dick. It doesn't score "BAD BOY" points, ever!

    Ugh, and I hate those stupid comments where the guy's all like, "I'd fuck her" or whatever. EW. Get off your ass, leave YouTube, and clean yourself up -- then you could have real sex with a real girl and you won't have to bother the kind YouTube gurus who take time out to help other beauty junkies like themselves. EVERYONE'S HAPPY.

  3. Hehe, came back here to reply again : ) I feeel you. Idk wtf is wrong with some guys. Doesn't your momma always tell you, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?" They obviously didn't learn that good enough. I mean, cmon. That's just gonna make ALL girls think that you're a total dickhead... you ain't impressing no one.

    I know! Some guys are just so disgusting. Losers!

  4. Agree on this sfm. I've heard lots of comments about how I should look like ~the natural ones~. I.e. the ones who have perfect skin, blushing cheeks and pretty eyes by nature. That is so rude imo. Ugh. And I am not putting on make-up for others anyway and neither are you, so well said!

  5. I agree a hell lot with this entry of yours. Don't mind them dear! Just delete and block away.