Monday, April 19

blog; Phoenix Down!

If I can get down to Carson, CA this weekend, I think I'm gonna meet with my stylist ARES and update my cut a little. My current hair inspiration? Mika Nakashima during her "Phoenix" single era.

Mika Nakashima on the cover of her single, 火の鳥 (Phoenix).

I love the streaks of red and blue in her hair, but I probably won't pull this off half as well as she does. She's got stylists on call, I've got...well, I got a stylist, but ARES has a life outside of styling my hair all the time, and I'm broke as a joke. Whatever, my hair needs an update.

Now I just need a really good flat iron. I'm really leaning towards the Remington Shine Therapy Condition Straightener, which I can order from for $50 with free S&H. But there's a Remington straightener with leopard-print on it for a good $30 cheaper...also with free S&H. What to do, what to do...? The cheaper one doesn't have as many rave reviews on it as the expensive one, though...what to do? :(

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  1. I don't really use hair straighteners, but the cheaper one looks fine to me...