Saturday, April 17

blog; Oerba Yun Fang

In Final Fantasy games, you've got yourself two types of girls in your party, and I can just about guarantee this every damn time. You're gonna get yourself The Cute Girl -- we'll call her Aerith, Rinoa, Garnet...maybe even Serah Farron -- that girl next door everyone loves, especially that attractive male hero you've got right there.

And then you've got the HBICs (Head Bitches in Charge) -- and we're going to call her Terra, Quistis, Freya -- and they're the farthest thing from the girl next door. They're those divas down the street, and they will not hesitate to kick your male hero's ass and serve him his ego on a plate. All while looking fabulous.

This would be FFXIII's Oerba Yun Fang, mistress of Bahamut.

There is just something killer about a chick with a tattoo and really fabulous hair, who can kick the ass of the male hero if they had to go toe-to-toe. Snow Villiers is a six-foot-tall giant with killer fists, but last I checked Fang had the highest Physical Attack out of everyone in the damn game, so yeah, Snow -- that sound I hear? That's you getting pwned by the alien chick from the lower planet.

I am so tired of the strong, independent women of FFXIII who have the great misfortune to fall in love with the protagonist (Tifa Lockheart with Cloud Strife, Quistis Trepe with Squall Leonhart -- and that second one just really pisses me off) and are great in every aspect except when their crush decides to ignore them for The Cute Girl (Cloud Strife with Aerith Gainsborough, Squall Leonhart with Rinoa Heartilly). But Fang doesn't waste her time with that bullshit. Nah, she's all about kicking ass and taking names. And summoning dragons. Dragons.

...I also think she might be gay for her ~bff~ Vanille. Hey, I get that they're super best friends and are practically sisters, but when a homegirl says that she's willing to tear the sky apart for her best friend, that's something special. Besides, this is Square Enix's second try having a female lead for a Final Fantasy game. We're not far off from having same-sex romances, I'd like to hope.

Crap, what was the point of this blog? Oh, yeah -- Oerba Yun Fang is damn fine. Lesbian crush on a fictional character, get. (Move over, Vanille, this chick's mine.)


  1. 'Lesbian crush on a fictional character'

    Looks like it's me talking ^^

    God, Fang is so damn... amazing.

    And, for the record, I'm not gay.

  2. @BlackHeart: No worries, my friend, I'm just glad I'm not the only one who appreciates Fang. :D

  3. fang is awesome it is such a shame though she is so under appreciated in near mostly every way ..

  4. Fang is the best and MOST underrated character in FF history :/

    well, it's a shame that she and Vanille probably won't make it into FXIII-3 - Lightning returns.

    :( Who made up the statistics that Fang is the most unliked character in XIII? Even Sazh seems to be more popular than her :/