Wednesday, April 28

blog; IntenseDebate

Thanks to ect over at e.motion in: motion;, I found out about IntenseDebate which is a...program, I guess, that changes comments from the usual way Blogger does it. Basically it means I can reply to comments now, omfg. So excited. I love replying to comments so whenever I get them I get ready for a comment thread. But thanks to Blogger and it's strange inabilities, "reply" doesn't exist around here...

I'm a serious fail when it comes to coding and add-ons, tbh, so I decided to install ID as a widget, which means it's faster and less fuss. So now I can reply!

But now my question is...what happened to my old comments? :( all the comment counts on all my older posts read "0," which is fine if the comments were still there. But I click on the link to that particular entry and I find nothing. What happened?

I think I still have to read up on this program's tricks... :(

edit: Just realised that I'm using Classic Blogger which apparently doesn't support ID! Massive fail, self! Uninstalling I go. :/ this is so awkward...

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