Thursday, April 22

blog; Bon voyage.

Why should you eat at The Burnt Tortilla? Because the food is good...

...and the portions are this size.
(That's my forearm to compare length.)

That is a green chili burrito with sour cream and guacamole on the side. And I didn't eat all that by myself, by the way. I split an order with my best friend and it was delicious. The pork was decent -- it was mostly shredded, but there were some not shredded chunks -- but it tasted great overall. Delicious with the sour cream, but I don't like guacamole so I didn't have it.

Post-burrito, my friends and I had dessert at Yogurtland. Some people are in love with Pinkberry, but I prefer Pinkberry's hot younger sister, Yogurtland.

Mine is the bottom cup -- the fullest.
I had matcha yogurt (yum!) with mochi,
Ghirardelli white chocolate chips,
and NY cheesecake bites.

And the rest of this post is me.

I have fallen in love with black eyeliner and cat eyes.

I love my skull scarf.


  1. omg that looks amazing! what a great post~

  2. I like your lip color. Very nice! Thanks for sharing.