Thursday, April 29

photos; Love's ABO

Japanese idol group NewS consists of six members: Yamashita Tomohisa, Nishikido Ryo, Tegoshi Yuya, Koyama Keiichiro, Kato Shigeaki, and Masuda Takahisa. They're popular in Japan as a group of attractive, talented young men who sing catchy tunes about love, 頑張って! (do your best!), and various other feel-good emotions. There's the occasional sad ballad, but usually these guys are pretty peppy and sweet.

One of their songs is called 「恋のABO」, which I loosely translate to "Love's ABO." The letters A, B, and O stand for the different blood types, as the Japanese have this idea that blood types determine personality, so complementary blood types mean a good love match...or something like that.

Okay, I didn't really do much research on the meaning behind the song -- all I know is it sounds like disco music and NewS gets to wear funny glasses when they perform it live.

Today I was inspired by one of those glasses (which I actually own).

A look comprised of green, yellow and violet.

I actually really love this song too. It's so bad but in an awesome disco way.

Wednesday, April 28

blog; IntenseDebate

Thanks to ect over at e.motion in: motion;, I found out about IntenseDebate which is a...program, I guess, that changes comments from the usual way Blogger does it. Basically it means I can reply to comments now, omfg. So excited. I love replying to comments so whenever I get them I get ready for a comment thread. But thanks to Blogger and it's strange inabilities, "reply" doesn't exist around here...

I'm a serious fail when it comes to coding and add-ons, tbh, so I decided to install ID as a widget, which means it's faster and less fuss. So now I can reply!

But now my question is...what happened to my old comments? :( all the comment counts on all my older posts read "0," which is fine if the comments were still there. But I click on the link to that particular entry and I find nothing. What happened?

I think I still have to read up on this program's tricks... :(

edit: Just realised that I'm using Classic Blogger which apparently doesn't support ID! Massive fail, self! Uninstalling I go. :/ this is so awkward...

Tuesday, April 27

blog; You are not the sun,

and my world does not revolve around you.

I'm just gonna keep this as short as I can:

Dear Male YouTube Makeup Tutorial Viewers,

Leaving comments on makeup tutorials that sound something like, "This makeup is caked on, I love my women natural" or "I wouldn't take this girl home! She won't look the same in the morning!" -- is stupid and egotistical, and really kind of patronising. No, you don't sound like a nice guy lookin' for a natural beauty. You sound like a dickhead.

I don't like girls who wear makeup, natural is the best: Please, go find one. Be happy with her. Leave the girls who DO wear makeup alone now.

This girl wouldn't even look the same in the morning!: You, sir, are an absolute douchebag. This comment implies that 1) you would have a one-night stand with anyone if she just looked pretty at first sight, which makes you shallow; and 2) you wouldn't even have the decency to get to know her after you realise you've slept with someone who isn't a runway model. Absolute douchebag.

I wouldn't want my girlfriend to put on this much: Okay, why would the YT guru care about what you'd want your girlfriend to do? 1) you sound like a chauvinist, 2) the YT guru isn't your girlfriend so gtfo, and 3) nobody else cares.

This makeup is skanky/ugly/whorish/whatever: That little red X you see in the corner? Yeah. Click it. Video vanish! Betcha didn't know that spiffy trick.

In the end, males-watching-makeup-tutorial-videos-and-making-shitty-comments, this is the deal: we don't put on makeup just to please you. And I personally do not put on makeup just so I can get comments from men along the lines of, "You're a hot Asian bitch, I'd wanna come on your face."

No. Not classy. It's also known as sexual harassment. Yes, even as a comment on YouTube. So no thanks.

No love,

PS: I don't even make YT makeup tutorials, but I'm sick of scrolling through comments and finding 3 out of 5 pages of this complete bullshit. And asking, LOL I'm a guy, why am I watching this? is just bizarre. How would I know why you're watching a YouTube makeup video?

My makeup isn't about you.
My makeup is about me.
Have a nice day, asshole. (Or not.)

Long story short: Men need to stop assuming that the sole reason women get sassed up is to find a boyfriend, husband, or sex partner. Sir, you are not -- I repeat, NOT -- the center of my fucking universe. I'M the center of my fucking universe. Goodbye.

blog; Misikko giveaway

It's a flat iron this time. ;)

Becky's Misikko Flat Iron Giveaway: because everyone wants nice hair.

Check out Becky's review of the Hana Professional 1-inch flat iron -- pink edition! -- and join her giveaway. Just click on the link!~

Monday, April 26

blog; I joined some giveaways...

...because who am I to say no to those?

Nikki's Circle Lens Giveaway: because I am a sheep and I want to try circle lenses! (posted directly from the blog)

Sponsored by:

What's up for grabs:
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Katie's Giveaway: ...aaand I don't have a witty comment for this one. (posted directly from the blog)

If you follow me on twitter, you'll know I've barely used this. -_- It needs a nice place! Soooo, I've decided on one thing. I'll just add it on as another giveaway prize. Is that okay?

I realize most bloggers have this palette. Soo, here's the deal, if your a winner, and you choose this prize pack, you'll have the option of getting this palette or not. Fair enough? :)
1 entry: Must be a follower [will check to be fair!] Comment below saying anything you want to say to me! Also, comment me your e-mail addresses, so I can notify you if you are the winner.

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(OPTIONAL) Whats your favorite beauty product atm?

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Please no entries with only giveaways posted as their posts? Unless you blog and have a separate giveaway section, that's fine!
Lastly, first person chosen as winner chooses prize, then whatever is left will be for the second winner. Thanks!

I'm not done yet...

The extras I've managed to stock up on!


I told everyone that my second giveaway will have TWO winners... I didn't forget. :)

(Image from maccosmetics)
$40.00 Mac giftcard.

Giveaway ends: May 29th, 2010

Huge and long giveaway entry post is long! I'm sorry for this huge...mass of text and picture; if I knew how to truncate these things, you'd best believe I would. As it is, I'm pretty Blogger-illiterate.

photos; Rimmel Lasting Finish

Last week CVS Pharmacy had a sale in which all Rimmel cosmetics were BOGO Free. I was considering buying their Lasting Finish foundation, which claims 16 hours of wear, no transfer, and a mineral-enriched formula allowing the skin to breathe.

I don't really like wearing foundations on normal days, but when I do decide to put something on, I have Revlon Colorstay in 310 Warm Golden, which is a near-perfect match. On the downside, most of the times I go out with foundation on, it's dark, there's flash photography going on, and I look really pale and ghostly and creepy in pictures. So I thought that maybe I'd go for a foundation without the SPF and see how that would go.

My shade in Rimmel's Lasting Finish foundation is 300 Sand. I'm an NC35 in MAC.

time; 5pm Pacific, sunset
place; hallway :: direct sunlight

time; 5pm Pacific, sunset.
place; bathroom :: indirect sunlight

time; ~5pm Pacific, sunset.
place; dim room :: with flash

The colour match is pretty spot-on, and though I still get a pale cast in flash photos, it's not as bad as when I wear the Colorstay. Rimmel smells nicer, too. :/ I haven't worn it enough to test longevity, but that no-transfer claim? Lie. I wiped my mouth on a napkin and the foundation around the area came off with my spaghetti sauce. On the bright side part two, I haven't broken out yet.

Jumping to skincare -- yeah, this isn't an obvious segue at all -- look what I got as a present from my dad!

DARPHIN, Paris: gentle, plant-based skincare that's super-expensive! I checked out one of the products on that photo -- the "Niaouli Aromatic Care," which is a facial oil -- and that bottle (15mL/0.5oz) is $70US. Now multiply that by seven, which is the amount of full-sized products I've got going on...if this stuff doesn't work, I quit.

Thursday, April 22

blog; Bon voyage.

Why should you eat at The Burnt Tortilla? Because the food is good...

...and the portions are this size.
(That's my forearm to compare length.)

That is a green chili burrito with sour cream and guacamole on the side. And I didn't eat all that by myself, by the way. I split an order with my best friend and it was delicious. The pork was decent -- it was mostly shredded, but there were some not shredded chunks -- but it tasted great overall. Delicious with the sour cream, but I don't like guacamole so I didn't have it.

Post-burrito, my friends and I had dessert at Yogurtland. Some people are in love with Pinkberry, but I prefer Pinkberry's hot younger sister, Yogurtland.

Mine is the bottom cup -- the fullest.
I had matcha yogurt (yum!) with mochi,
Ghirardelli white chocolate chips,
and NY cheesecake bites.

And the rest of this post is me.

I have fallen in love with black eyeliner and cat eyes.

I love my skull scarf.

Tuesday, April 20

photos; LOVE CHECK

Today's inspiration came from a 沢尻エリカ photoshoot with Ninagawa Mika for Tokyo's Fashion Week -- very retro, very flora, very awesome.

flawless skin
peach-pink blush
pink lips
bold eyeliner
cat eyes

If I'm interpreting this photo right, nautical is in, and the parts look cute, but as a whole I'm not feeling it. Maybe it's just because I'm not into the nautical style for myself, but hey, those shorts are pretty cute. That scarf is totally hiding the adorable print on the shirt, and I feel like Erika wants to go play golf on the beach or something. I don't even know, okay. But whatever, she'll rock it, because she's ERIKA-sama and she does what she wants.

Most products used for this look are drugstore.

Wet 'n Wild cream eye shadow, Pearly White -- d/c'd
Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips, Sunset Strip (gold only)
Wet 'n Wild MegaLiner liquid liner, Teal
Wet 'n Wild pencil liner, 651 Black
Wet 'n Wild cream eyeliner, 886 Black
Rimmel Glam'Eyes mascara, 003 Extreme Black

C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve
Wet 'n Wild SilkFinish lipstick, 501B Tokyo-a-Pink-Pink -- d/c'd
Claire's/Icing lip gloss, Pink Lady

MUFE cream concealer
Revlon Colorstay, 310 Warm Golden
MAC MSF, Medium/Natural
Wet 'n Wild SilkFinish blush, Heather Silk

Monday, April 19

blog; Phoenix Down!

If I can get down to Carson, CA this weekend, I think I'm gonna meet with my stylist ARES and update my cut a little. My current hair inspiration? Mika Nakashima during her "Phoenix" single era.

Mika Nakashima on the cover of her single, 火の鳥 (Phoenix).

I love the streaks of red and blue in her hair, but I probably won't pull this off half as well as she does. She's got stylists on call, I've got...well, I got a stylist, but ARES has a life outside of styling my hair all the time, and I'm broke as a joke. Whatever, my hair needs an update.

Now I just need a really good flat iron. I'm really leaning towards the Remington Shine Therapy Condition Straightener, which I can order from for $50 with free S&H. But there's a Remington straightener with leopard-print on it for a good $30 cheaper...also with free S&H. What to do, what to do...? The cheaper one doesn't have as many rave reviews on it as the expensive one, though...what to do? :(

Saturday, April 17

blog; Oerba Yun Fang

In Final Fantasy games, you've got yourself two types of girls in your party, and I can just about guarantee this every damn time. You're gonna get yourself The Cute Girl -- we'll call her Aerith, Rinoa, Garnet...maybe even Serah Farron -- that girl next door everyone loves, especially that attractive male hero you've got right there.

And then you've got the HBICs (Head Bitches in Charge) -- and we're going to call her Terra, Quistis, Freya -- and they're the farthest thing from the girl next door. They're those divas down the street, and they will not hesitate to kick your male hero's ass and serve him his ego on a plate. All while looking fabulous.

This would be FFXIII's Oerba Yun Fang, mistress of Bahamut.

There is just something killer about a chick with a tattoo and really fabulous hair, who can kick the ass of the male hero if they had to go toe-to-toe. Snow Villiers is a six-foot-tall giant with killer fists, but last I checked Fang had the highest Physical Attack out of everyone in the damn game, so yeah, Snow -- that sound I hear? That's you getting pwned by the alien chick from the lower planet.

I am so tired of the strong, independent women of FFXIII who have the great misfortune to fall in love with the protagonist (Tifa Lockheart with Cloud Strife, Quistis Trepe with Squall Leonhart -- and that second one just really pisses me off) and are great in every aspect except when their crush decides to ignore them for The Cute Girl (Cloud Strife with Aerith Gainsborough, Squall Leonhart with Rinoa Heartilly). But Fang doesn't waste her time with that bullshit. Nah, she's all about kicking ass and taking names. And summoning dragons. Dragons.

...I also think she might be gay for her ~bff~ Vanille. Hey, I get that they're super best friends and are practically sisters, but when a homegirl says that she's willing to tear the sky apart for her best friend, that's something special. Besides, this is Square Enix's second try having a female lead for a Final Fantasy game. We're not far off from having same-sex romances, I'd like to hope.

Crap, what was the point of this blog? Oh, yeah -- Oerba Yun Fang is damn fine. Lesbian crush on a fictional character, get. (Move over, Vanille, this chick's mine.)

Friday, April 16

photos; Rancho Los Alamitos part 1

Found in Long Beach, California, Rancho Los Alamitos is a ranch house surrounded by beautiful gardens. Visitors can take the guided tour into the house and around the gardens, or enjoy themselves on a leisurely walk through the gardens to commune with the plants. Admission is free, and the ranch is open Wednesday through Sunday from 1pm to 5pm.

Welcome to Rancho Los Alamitos' Rose Garden.

(Please enjoy today's photos.)

Wednesday, April 14

poem; Breathing breathing.

"Breathing breathing"

missing you

feels a little bit like breathing
past that urge to cry and cry

and not quite making it.

→ 魂:

Tuesday, April 13

photos; Princess Kera.

Kera is a Japanese fashion magazine that focuses on the quirkier side of...well, everything. It's a little bit Lolita, a little bit punk, and a whole lot of colour.

One of my favourite Kera girls happens to be 20-year-old Ryoko Kobayashi (小林涼子), who, with her big eyes and dolly features, can pull off the cutesy Princess Lolita as easily as she can pull off the Gothic Punk.

Today's inspiration; [want a closer look?]

left: Wet 'n Wild SilkFinish lipstick in 505A Pink Berry Frost
right: NYX round lipstick in 606 Saturn

Heh, just got an AIM message from one of my friends saying she wanted to learn more about makeup. Score.

Thursday, April 8

photos; Macaroni and cheese.

My mum, kid brother and I have split up dinner chores, so this week belongs to me. This week is also known as pasta week, since I found my mom's stash of pastas in the pantry. Today I made macaroni and cheese with cheddar and Swiss. And yummy, yummy tuna.

left; half that'll be put away til tomorrow
right; half that's baked with crackers & cheese

left; macaroni, cheddar & Swiss cheese, tuna
right; bake for fifteen to twenty minutes

I purposely planned on making extra because my friend who is visiting tomorrow doesn't eat meat, and it's actually difficult to have meatless meals in this house. But I didn't think I'd actually end up with so much...well, someone's taking some extra mac & cheese home, that's for sure.

Monday, April 5

photos; Things I like.

Do guys make passes at girls who wear glasses?