Saturday, March 20

song; 涙色 by YUI.

"涙色/NAMIDAIRO" (The Colour of Tears)

なみだいろ 声が聞こえない夜は
困らせてしまうほど わがままになりたい

だいじょうぶ そう言ってみたけど

あなたの前じゃ 嘘つきよ
気づいてほしいと 思っているの
そんなに強いわけじゃないからね アタシ

On a night when my voice is as invisible as the colour of my tears,
I am so troubled that I wish only for a more self-serving heart.

Though I said I would be fine,
It doesn’t ever seem like it…

Before you stands the liar in me,
And it is this fact that I want you to realise
Because although I may lie, it doesn't mean that I'm all that strong.


*translation credit to crystalise at vox