Wednesday, March 17

photos; Saint Patty's.

Didn't drink, and didn't get pinched. Camwhored a little, though!

Glasses from my baby brother.
I think they're meant to be 3D glasses.

I stopped using cleansers in the morning and stuck to warm water and witch hazel instead. It feels nice, non-drying, and my skin doesn't seem to dislike it. I haven't been wanting to slap on foundation either, so it's not too bad. And closeups don't scare me at the moment, which is saying something as it's hormones week this week. Always gotta find something happy, right? ♥

Lately I've been really into green tea. Green tea ice cream is a big craving, but right now, I really want the famous (thanks to Eki-お姉さま!) green tea Kit-Kats that are sold in Japan. Boooo. I've wanted it for weeks, but I don't live in Japan! :(

Well, even if I can't get green tea Kit-Kats, I'll settle for another delicious cup of Royal-T's Royal Matcha Milk least, I think that's what it's called:

(It was delicious tea!)

Next blog will probably be another photo-blog; I've got a backlog of snapshots I haven't uploaded yet. Photography is so soothing...


  1. Love green tea too!!
    You are looking well, those green glasses remind me of Tacchon...

  2. I want matcha milk again... :(
    Haha, I'm so green! I don't even actually like the colour, but for Tacchon...!