Saturday, March 20

photos; Japanese Kabuki Rock!

I think people who have rockstar auras are some of the sexiest people on the goddamn planet. That devil-may-care, do-what-I-want, fuck-off mentality is yum.

One of my favourite current rockstars would probably have to be 雅-MIYAVI- of Japan: cute and quirky as a puppy on speed, rockin' that guitar like Jimi Hendrix is in the audience, just waiting to be impressed.

If you weren't already married, I swear...
(I like my men pretty.)

He's a Japanese samurai guitarist kabuki rockstar -- I don't even know anymore. But who cares? He's talented and he's nice to look at and he loves Harry Potter. What's not to love?

This is for you, 雅さま.

Inspired by the above photo of the samurai guitarist.

Profusion 88 shimmer palette, hot pink
Giovi 120 palette, grays
jane Be Pure gel liner, Black
Rimmel Glam'Eyes mascara, 003 Extreme Black

Wet 'n Wild MegaColors lipstick, Blackberry
clear gloss

Doing makeup in the middle of the night means I don't care about foundation. Oh well!

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