Monday, March 8

blog; The weekend.

Spring is starting to show up at school!

On Friday I was on my way off-campus when I realised that the cherry blossom trees were flourishing almost violently. Every single tree on campus was carrying bunches of soft pink blossoms, and if the wind blew hard enough, I got to experience a seriously anime moment -- the scene where the girl stands in the middle of a cherry blossom storm. Epic. I snapped some pictures for posterity, and also because it just looked so pretty.

A wide shot of cherry blossoms lining a walkway,
plus a closeup of some of the blossoms. :)

Also managed to snap this picture of a different flower
growing at the base of one of the cherry blossom trees.

On that evening, I went out to celebrate a friend's birthday. Her birthday was actually on the second, but since it was a Tuesday, she decided to have a proper get-together on Friday instead. Our itinerary was simple: dinner at TGIFriday's, followed by "Alice in Wonderland" in IMAX 3D.

My outfit for the evening; very depressing.
And this is my "birthday celebration" outfit, too.
Tim Burton and I need to become good friends.

I had the garlic chicken pasta. I love garlic. ♥

I snapped a few photos of my friends' food, but it included their faces, and I don't want to post their pictures in case they disagree with it. I just have to say -- I was the tame one. I had pasta; my girl friends all ate ribs.

But regarding my was good! Not the greatest, because even though I could smell the garlic in the dish, tasting it was a different story; it was almost negligible. The sundried tomatoes were really tart, and kind of overpowering near the end. All in all, though, I enjoyed it. I also had some broccoli and cheese soup on the side, because I'm just so unhealthy that way. My Wii Fit and I haven't seen each other in a while because I eat like this...sigh.

During dessert, we managed to get the TGIF employees to embarrass my friend by singing "Happy Birthday" in very loud, carrying voices. On the plus side, she got an ice cream! So really, we were doing it with her in mind. :) after that, we rolled down to Del Amo mall just down the street to go watch Alice in Wonderland in beautiful IMAX 3D.

Oh man, that movie. What can I say? It's a visual feast for the eyes is what it is, and it's even better with the clunky glasses on. Despite Tim Burton being famous for his "shades of grey" approach when it comes to movies, he really went all out in Alice. The entirety of Wonderland was just absolutely amazing. The costuming was fantastic, and it was incredibly close, if not the exact replica, of the kind of Wonderland I'd always envisioned in my head when I read the books: dreamy, exotic, and dangerously mysterious. I was madly in love with the flower garden, because it was my favourite scene ever in the original Disney animated film. (Sadly, not a single flower sang "Golden Afternoon.")

And the cast! Oh, the cast. Mia Wasikowska was such a lovely Alice, outwardly frail and having "lost her muchness" but eventually determined to get it back. Alan Rickman as Absolum the Caterpillar gave me so much glee -- he was so perfect and I won't lie, I have the hots for his voice. On the same note, Stephen Fry voicing Cheshire Cat was just spot-on, with his creepy whimsy and all. Helena Bonham-Carter continues to prove her HBIC status as the Red Queen, so easy to dislike until Helena shows her insecurities. Of course, there is also Johnny Depp, who, so far, is my favourite incarnation of the Mad Hatter -- complex and terrifying and mad in all the right ways. Crispin Glover was a surprise because I didn't expect him there, but I think Anne Hathaway won me over most of all. Her White Queen just made me wriggle in giggles and glee every time she fluttered into the scene, spitting into potions and being kind of a spaz. Love, love love love.

And we haven't even gone into Christopher Lee voicing the Jabberwocky.

It would've been a perfect movie, if it hadn't been for the story. To be honest, to me it seemed shallow. There were all these characters that gave so many hints to their complexities and characters, and yet the story barely scratched the surface of them. I guess it might be because it's a Disney movie, and the original Alice stories themselves are so dark and pretty effin' stoned that they didn't want to go deeper. I wish they did, though.

Well, can't have everything in life.

After the movie I went to get buffalo wings at the wing place under the movie theater (Parmesan garlic, yummm! And I could taste the garlic this time.), and then stumbled home and straight to bed. But I didn't get to sleep in, really, because my Saturday and Sunday were dedicated to helping my very best friend with an art project.

My best friend T is an art major, and she's trying to get into a program at her school. For this, she needs a bigger portfolio, so she asked me and a few of our mutual friends to be her models. She'd take our photographs and then paint them; all we had to do was pose for a few minutes each time. our skivvies, or pretty close to it.

It was pretty interesting, actually, if not awkward at times. She wanted to capture facets of regret, so we all collaborated, tried to put together some poses...some failed, some were spectacular. For our efforts, we all got Beard Papa cream puffs (love love love FOREVER) and homemade brownies. Fudge ones.

(No photos on these days because everyone was in their skivvies. Come on.)

When I got home on Saturday night, I saw this on my bed:

It's a freebie that comes with a purchase of shoes from Bloomingdale's. My sister-in-law went to pick up her Juicy Couture shoes and she decided to give me the freebie as a gift. It's really cute, and I think it's reversible, too!

Sunday was a shorter version of Saturday, with less people and even more Beard Papa cream puffs. And so the weekend ends, it's my week to make dinner, and instead of sleeping I'm blogging.

Yep, life's getting along well.

PS: If anyone told me that witch hazel smelled horrid, I would have made my own toner instead. Alas, no one did.


  1. This is a horribly drive-by comment since I simply have to go to sleep as soon as possible, but I thought I'd say this before I forget...

    So glad you mentioned about Witch Hazel! I didn't know that is smelled vile and was contemplating searching for it at the drugstore tomorrow morning. If it reeks, I shall seek an alternative solution.

    The pictures, by the way, are beautiful. I feel as though Spring is really within reach at last.

  2. So pretty! you're looking kinda pale, though; take care! and just fyi, your review has convinced me to go watch Alice in Wonderland. Prrrroooobably not in 3D, though, because 3D makes me feel sort of nauseous.

    NOMNOMNOM to all the food in your post, though. NOMNOMNOM!!!!

  3. pip; I can't even explain the smell, but it's something like fumes. It's almost chemically except for the fact it's all-natural. :(

    mishy; The paleness is partly because of the SPF in my liquid foundation! ...and maybe because I don't go out much. ♥ don't worry too much.

    AND YEAH, WATCH THE MOVIE. I loved the 3D until the end when my head started pounding.

    My friends and I used to sneak fast food into the movie theaters and ate things like cheesesteaks and potatoes. Alas, that didn't happen this time.