Tuesday, March 2

blog; South Coast Plaza

The South Coast Plaza Mall in Costa Mesa, CA, is several dozen stores and three stories of nothing but expensive. Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, and MAC; if you're lucky, Bloomington's might be having a 20% off sale on shoes. I tagged along with my sister-in-law and her friend when they decided to spend the afternoon there, and I'm glad I wore comfortable boots.

My sister-in-law? She wore stiletto heels. Then again, my sister-in-law is entitled to wear stilettos, as she has enough disposable income to consider buying herself an LV bag when she has a perfectly delicious Burberry waiting patiently for her at home. She also has enough disposable income to decide to buy herself some Juicy Couture flats when she realised that maybe wearing stilettos on a shopping trip in a mall three stories tall was not the very best of ideas.

But this blog isn't about my sister-in-law and her disposable income.

This blog is about my brand-new MAC 130 duo fibre brush. Also known as my magic wand.

Somewhere in Costa Mesa there is a seriously gorgeous MAC makeup artist named Brittany to whom I owe a lot of a gratitude. Homegirl took time out to chat me up while I hovered awkwardly around the MAC counter in SCP's Nordstrom, checking out the new Spring Forecast collections and trying not to be too obvious about being a complete n00b. We talked new collections (omg Liberty of London) and she showed me how to get the perfect nude lip with some MAC lipliners and Cremesheen Glass in "Fashion Scoop." By the time she got around to talking brushes, I was pretty much ready to ask her for her number and if I could take her out to dinner. Instead I asked her about foundation brushes and she had a glee-fit over the new MAC 130. I let her talk me into forking over $40 for a 130 of my own, I got her card (this is the closest I can get to bragging about getting someone's number intentionally), plus some tips on foundation application and Brittany's philosophy on makeup. (I'm gonna be nipping by the library sometime soon to see if I can borrow a copy of Kevin Aucoin's Making Faces, thanks to her.)

I am in mad love with my first-ever MAC brush. This thing has magical powers, I swear.

MAC 130 Duo Fibre Brush
(for creams, liquids, and select powders)

I played with it practically the moment I got home, as per Brittany's orders ("Just play around, put stuff together!"). Dip into liquid foundation, stipple on, then buff. Set with a light dusting of powder and be amazed.

Revlon Colorstay, 310 Warm Golden
MAC MSF, Medium Natural/Shimmer

jane Be Pure gel eyeliner, Black
Wet 'n Wild pencil eyeliner, 651 Black

NYX Round Lipstick, Saturn

Effortlessly flawless.

Next on my to-buy list: MAC 187.


  1. I love MAC brushes! They are the best ever! I have a travel set that I got a long time ago, but I still use them to this day! :D

  2. I want to like, apologise to MAC brushes, because I always thought they couldn't be THAT amazing and that cheaper brushes would do in terms of application. But I am so wrong. So absolutely wrong! I'm going to start saving up so I can buy more MAC brushes eventually, because these things are magic.

  3. I love South Coast Plaza too!
    OK maybe it's just cos I love California
    or maybe it's just that I love the weather there
    Your Mac brush sounds amazing, I am hopeless with makeup but that brush sounds like it can work magic

  4. It's huge! x.x; I wouldn't be surprised if I got lost...but it was really nice inside.
    Ahhh, it's really great! I never realised just how amazing the right brush could be! Now I refuse to apply foundation without it. hugs!