Thursday, March 4

blog; The saleslut.

Saleslut = (n.) 1. one whose consumer inhibitions magically disappear when faced with sales, bargains, and the like, 2. me.

E.L.F. has decided to tempt me with a sale that involves lowering their shipping and handling costs to $1.98US if I buy a minimum of $15US worth of product. E.L.F. doesn't care that I'm practicing Lent and have therefore given up buying cosmetics (and I already fell off the wagon once for a Maybelline silver shadow that ended up being a gross disappointment) because that's just the kind of company E.L.F. is; the kind of company with crappy timing.

I'm debating on just buying five of the $3US brushes, which doesn't count for breaking Lent as they're cosmetic tools and not cosmetics themselves. Or, I could just shut up, sit down, and let this opportunity pass, because I don't really need any new brushes right now, except that powder brush and that angled liner brush looks like some kind of yes please, do want. And maybe that small smudge brush, too. :(

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