Saturday, March 27

blog; Olive Garden.

One of my family's newer traditions is to eat out together at a restaurant of our choosing, once a month. For the month of March, we decided to have dinner at Olive Garden -- decent prices, good food, and a nice atmosphere. ♥

Since spring's already arrived, I decided to pull out one of the few dresses I own to commemorate the occasion, and also because I couldn't really be assed to wear pants. I just don't jive with dresses, which was reinforced by the fact my sister-in-law thought I was some high schooler when we all met up at the restaurant. orz

I know that my mother always thinks I should act more like a "lady," but if I spend twenty minutes or more on my makeup she's pissed as hell. Seriously, it's confusing the crap outta me, because I'm not sure what she's aiming for here. Hell, I'm not sure what I'm aiming for, because I always seem to keep missing the target unless I eschew pants and go full out like I did today.

Fear my mad camera skills, but check out the jewelry.
Uncultured, freshwater pearl necklace & earrings from Palawan, Philippines.

I ordered the chicken scampi (left), which was delicious -- it was perfectly-seasoned chicken with bell peppers and onions on a bed of angel hair pasta, covered in garlic sauce. I love garlic. I have this not-so-secret love affair with it that would make me a really bad date...unless my date also liked garlic. Which I wouldn't know because I don't date. Or I would, but the boys I'd like to date live in Japan and are pop superstars.

The photo on the right is of me and my brother. We look drunk, but we're really just tired. And the flash was really painful. And maybe I had a mango daquiri -- which was barely mango, let alone daquiri. But why is the rum gone? I don't know, Captain Sparrow. I really don't know.

All in all, we had a good time. I still have some chicken scampi left over for tomorrow, which is ace, but on the other hand -- I think I'm more sober after the mango daquiri than I was before it.

Tomorrow's a trip to Royal-T with the bestie and the babe. ♥

(Still saving money for the 友&仁 performance, though!)

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  1. You're so pretty! And you look really cute in the first pic.

    Mmm, the pasta looks yummy!