Wednesday, March 31

blog; Clearance sale.

I had one week left of Lent and I broke it unbelievably thanks to Rite-Aid's 75% off clearance sale for all Wet 'n Wild products that are going to be discontinued. This is as close to madness as I'm going to go, because...well, it's seventy-five percent off. And these things are going to be discontinued. How "now or never" was this scenario, I ask you?

Right now Rite-Aid is having a pretty massive sale on a lot of beauty things. I dropped by on a whim -- a cold, windy, terrible whim -- and not only was Wet 'n Wild on clearance, but:
*choice Revlon cosmetics were BOGO 1/2 off,
*choice NYC items were also on clearance,
*Maybelline had some things on BOGO 1/2 off,
*CoverGirl was the same as Maybelline,
*Rite-Aid beauty tools (sponges, cotton) were BOGO FREE.

That's all I can remember from the top of my head. Oh, and Jesse's Girl was on clearance (75% off) but the clearance items -- eyeliners -- were completely wiped by the time I got there.

I also forgot to mention: all lip products are BOGO 1/2 off. I'm not sure how that works, since it's supposed to span all brands, but...well, you can figure it out at your local Rite-Aid, I think. It might, of course, differ by location.

So anyway. Wet 'n Wild stuff on clearance. Most of the stuff they were practically giving away are pretty much discontinued. This means the Ultimate Expressions Palettes, the Eye Expressions cream shadow palettes, and the old eye shadow trios. The blushes and the bronzers were also on clearance, so anyone lemming the soon-to-vanish Acapulco Glow bronzer (which is really a highlighter, last I heard) should probably head out to whichever Rite-Aids are selling the last of those.

In addition to those, MegaColors lipsticks are also discontinued and are on clearance, as well as some colours from the SilkFinish lipstick line. The only thing that pisses me off about this is that my favourite red lipstick ever is from the MegaColors lipstick line. So, faced with this intense dilemma, I did what any normal, makeup-loving, "I found my HG and I can't believe you're taking it away from me!" girl would do. I broke Lent and bought all the red lipsticks I could lay my greedy Asian hands on.

...except for the nasty-looking tubes. Um, no thanks.

Three of these six tubes are the same colour.
That colour would be 904A Cherry Blossom.

My original tube of 904A Cherry Blossom (standing).
I bought three backups, because I love the colour that much.
Also, 75% off means each tube was like 47 cents.

The only SilkFinish lipstick I bought amongst the six.
Colour is 501B Tokyo-a-Pink-Pink, priced at 24 cents.

left; 911C Iridescent Pink
right; 909C Giddy
Both of these cost 47 cents, as well.

Here's my amateur colour description of each lipstick I got:
*904A Cherry Blossom: is a blue-based, bright red lipstick that has tints of mauve in direct sunlight. Not a true red, but I don't care much because it looks pretty fucking great on my lips.
*501B Tokyo-a-Pink-Pink: has the most ridiculous name in the SilkFinish lipstick line, but is a creamy, peach/coral-toned pink. I might nab another tube tomorrow because it looks really nice.
*911C Iridescent Pink: is the most useless, sheerest shade of light pink ever, but is infused with such an insane amount of silver & gold sparkle I want to rename it "Cullen."
*909C Giddy: is a gorgeous milky bubblegum pink with a subtle hint of silver sparkle. It's the most impractical out of the bunch, but it's so beautiful, no lie. This is pink nude lip lipstick. Agh.

(And I totally lied about 911C Iridescent Pink being the most useless, sheerest shade of light pink ever. That dubious honour goes to NYC's Ultra Moist LipWear lipstick in 312 Chiffon. I could've spent that 99 cents on two delicious tacos from Jack-in-the-Box, what the hell.)

The sad part about this? I don't even wear lipstick that often -- thanks to my trusty tea addiction, I don't have the teeth for it. But oh, clearance sales. Clearance sales. You will be the death of me. And I say this in jest, because six tubes of mostly awesome lipstick cost me just $3.

But seriously, I need a new liquid eyeliner. I should focus on that, first...

photos; Daytime.

All photos are colour-corrected with Photoshop. Other than that, all the lame belongs to me. c(; whatever, though, I love snapping shots.

They paved paradise, and put up a parking lot.

I always buy them a size too long for warmth.

Best way to spend the day -- bumming around.
Currently jamming to LANDS' song, 勇気 (courage).

Sunday, March 28

photos; Skirt and stilettos.

Went to Royal-T, then Pinkberry, and then home.
It was windy all day. FML.

Peace peace!

Saturday, March 27

blog; Olive Garden.

One of my family's newer traditions is to eat out together at a restaurant of our choosing, once a month. For the month of March, we decided to have dinner at Olive Garden -- decent prices, good food, and a nice atmosphere. ♥

Since spring's already arrived, I decided to pull out one of the few dresses I own to commemorate the occasion, and also because I couldn't really be assed to wear pants. I just don't jive with dresses, which was reinforced by the fact my sister-in-law thought I was some high schooler when we all met up at the restaurant. orz

I know that my mother always thinks I should act more like a "lady," but if I spend twenty minutes or more on my makeup she's pissed as hell. Seriously, it's confusing the crap outta me, because I'm not sure what she's aiming for here. Hell, I'm not sure what I'm aiming for, because I always seem to keep missing the target unless I eschew pants and go full out like I did today.

Fear my mad camera skills, but check out the jewelry.
Uncultured, freshwater pearl necklace & earrings from Palawan, Philippines.

I ordered the chicken scampi (left), which was delicious -- it was perfectly-seasoned chicken with bell peppers and onions on a bed of angel hair pasta, covered in garlic sauce. I love garlic. I have this not-so-secret love affair with it that would make me a really bad date...unless my date also liked garlic. Which I wouldn't know because I don't date. Or I would, but the boys I'd like to date live in Japan and are pop superstars.

The photo on the right is of me and my brother. We look drunk, but we're really just tired. And the flash was really painful. And maybe I had a mango daquiri -- which was barely mango, let alone daquiri. But why is the rum gone? I don't know, Captain Sparrow. I really don't know.

All in all, we had a good time. I still have some chicken scampi left over for tomorrow, which is ace, but on the other hand -- I think I'm more sober after the mango daquiri than I was before it.

Tomorrow's a trip to Royal-T with the bestie and the babe. ♥

(Still saving money for the 友&仁 performance, though!)

Wednesday, March 24

Monday, March 22

photos; Yuuko.

Inspired by...well, I'm not sure you'd believe me if I told you.

I took pointers from a girl named ユウコ (Yuuko).

Profusion 88 Shimmer palette, greens
Revlon Colorstay eyeliner pencil, Teal
jane Be Pure gel eyeliner, Black
Rimmel Glam'Eyes, 003 Extreme Black

NYX Round lipstick, Saturn
Wet 'n Wild Eye Expressions, Pop Art: Shimmer Beige

Maybelline pure makeup, Nude Light 4
Wet 'n Wild Face Illuminator, Blushing
Wet 'n Wild Eye Expressions, Abstract Art: Rosy
Wet 'n Wild Silk Finish blush, Berry Shimmer
MAC MSF, Medium/Natural Shimmer

Wet 'n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit

photos; I went where?

Yesterday I went out with my family!

Rays are amazing, despite the bad publicity they've gotten recently.
Their backs are pebbled and rough, like a shark's.
However, their fins are smooth and silky to the touch.

Can you guess where we ate afterwards?

Saturday, March 20

photos; Japanese Kabuki Rock!

I think people who have rockstar auras are some of the sexiest people on the goddamn planet. That devil-may-care, do-what-I-want, fuck-off mentality is yum.

One of my favourite current rockstars would probably have to be 雅-MIYAVI- of Japan: cute and quirky as a puppy on speed, rockin' that guitar like Jimi Hendrix is in the audience, just waiting to be impressed.

If you weren't already married, I swear...
(I like my men pretty.)

He's a Japanese samurai guitarist kabuki rockstar -- I don't even know anymore. But who cares? He's talented and he's nice to look at and he loves Harry Potter. What's not to love?

This is for you, 雅さま.

Inspired by the above photo of the samurai guitarist.

Profusion 88 shimmer palette, hot pink
Giovi 120 palette, grays
jane Be Pure gel liner, Black
Rimmel Glam'Eyes mascara, 003 Extreme Black

Wet 'n Wild MegaColors lipstick, Blackberry
clear gloss

Doing makeup in the middle of the night means I don't care about foundation. Oh well!

song; 涙色 by YUI.

"涙色/NAMIDAIRO" (The Colour of Tears)

なみだいろ 声が聞こえない夜は
困らせてしまうほど わがままになりたい

だいじょうぶ そう言ってみたけど

あなたの前じゃ 嘘つきよ
気づいてほしいと 思っているの
そんなに強いわけじゃないからね アタシ

On a night when my voice is as invisible as the colour of my tears,
I am so troubled that I wish only for a more self-serving heart.

Though I said I would be fine,
It doesn’t ever seem like it…

Before you stands the liar in me,
And it is this fact that I want you to realise
Because although I may lie, it doesn't mean that I'm all that strong.


*translation credit to crystalise at vox

Friday, March 19

photos; streets and trees.

First of all...

A moment of temporary insanity.

Some photos while I've been walking.

Have a good day.

Wednesday, March 17

photos; Saint Patty's.

Didn't drink, and didn't get pinched. Camwhored a little, though!

Glasses from my baby brother.
I think they're meant to be 3D glasses.

I stopped using cleansers in the morning and stuck to warm water and witch hazel instead. It feels nice, non-drying, and my skin doesn't seem to dislike it. I haven't been wanting to slap on foundation either, so it's not too bad. And closeups don't scare me at the moment, which is saying something as it's hormones week this week. Always gotta find something happy, right? ♥

Lately I've been really into green tea. Green tea ice cream is a big craving, but right now, I really want the famous (thanks to Eki-お姉さま!) green tea Kit-Kats that are sold in Japan. Boooo. I've wanted it for weeks, but I don't live in Japan! :(

Well, even if I can't get green tea Kit-Kats, I'll settle for another delicious cup of Royal-T's Royal Matcha Milk least, I think that's what it's called:

(It was delicious tea!)

Next blog will probably be another photo-blog; I've got a backlog of snapshots I haven't uploaded yet. Photography is so soothing...