Monday, December 13

photos; Swag.

Outlet haul. And there were two pairs of designer shades, too.

It's 1:30am, PST. Monday, December 13. You know what that means? I have a flight to catch at nine tonight. Goodbye, LA, this is our last 2010. See you in 2011.

(There was one last pair of size 6 sandals left at BCBG. Thank you, Lady Luck.)

Tuesday, November 2

photos; Tangled.

(curled with Hana ceramic/tourmaline flat iron in pink)

The more I tug the curls out, the more volume I get. I should've been a doll girl for Halloween, lol.

On a random note, we're having Popeye's friend chicken tonight.

Friday, October 29

blog; Spotlights.

I miss the lights.

By "lights" I mean "spotlights," the bright lights that wash a stage in brightness and hues of red and blue and green to achieve the desired mood of the scene currently being acted. By "spotlights" I mean the stage, where in the span of one act, two acts, maybe even three a group of people in costume and stage makeup bring someone else's words to life as best they can. By "the stage" I mean acting, the beautiful and difficult art of it, of months of preparation for an opening night you wish will be the best you've ever had, or all that practice was for nothing.

I miss acting, the beautiful and difficult art of it: I miss seeing open calls and audition flyers and searching for a monologue to perform. I miss sitting around and waiting for my name to be called to show that director everything I've got in the span of a minute, maybe two. I miss lines and cold readings and highlighters in three different colours. I miss the wrinkled pages of my script, the scribbles on the corners and edges of paper for the blocking. I miss the language of theater, upstage, downstage, of being told not to break proscenium no matter what. I miss costume fittings and the props. I miss frustrations and forgetfulness and fighting for that perfect delivery.

I haven't performed onstage in about four years and I miss it all. I miss stepping into roles. I miss it I miss it I miss it.

Sometimes I think about getting back into it again. Then I remember it's Los Angeles -- we're teeming with actors and artists and performers wherever we turn. I wonder wonder wonder (why the world is going under) if I should just take that chance and go. Run with it, work with it...but I've never been really good at improv.

These are the dreams of a dreamer who burned under the spotlights years ago. I still remember the thrill of it. I don't think anyone ever forgets.

There's an open audition happening somewhere around here.

Monday, October 25

photos; Look up!

This is the same sky photographed within the span of about an hour on Saturday, October 23rd. (Note: Every photo except the first and the last were taken behind sunglasses lenses.)

The sun decided to play peek-a-boo that afternoon.

Sunscreen, shades, and eyeliner. Sup.
Have a good week; it's almost Halloween.

I have no idea what to do for a costume, to be honest...

Wednesday, October 20

blog; Philippines 2010

Getting ready for December, spending it in the Philippines.

Excited, me? Hell yes.

Friday, October 15

photos; Collection.

As of today, this is almost everything I own.

I should probably go on a straight-up no buy. That's a lot of eye shadow right there.

But I still really want coral/orange blusher.

Sunday, October 10

blog; Look me in the eye,

and tell it to me straight. Eyes are probably the most striking feature I wear on my face, and next to my hair -- Leos can be so vain about their manes, I tell ya, vain! -- is my favorite thing about myself. Apparently I have big eyes, and not that they need much help, but I love making them stand out.

The tools of the trade. (Plus under-eye concealer, of course.)

I have so many backups of the Wet 'n Wild brow pencil in Taupe that it's a little bit ridiculous. Whenever there's any kind of sale -- BOGO, BOGO half, 50% off -- I get a brow pencil or two. I really prefer using a pencil as opposed to a powder for my brows, just to help define the ends. The color is soft, too, it's not obvious as pencil even if it's a bit light for me. The spoolie helps with blending, though. Nice brows help frame the face, and the eyes. As for the mascara, that's L'Oreal's discontinued Panoramic Curl mascara, the waterproof version, and I hate that I'm on my first and last tube. I just discovered it when CVS was having that 50-75% off Beauty Sale a couple of months back. It's amazing: keeps a curl like nothing else, and lengthens, too. Doesn't flake, doesn't smudge, doesn't move. Sad that I found a possible HG only to have it snatched away by the business. The search for The Mascara continues.

The current candidate. Verdict? No.

I have the packaging right here next to me, and this mascara boasts "instant volume" right in print. Because it has collagen, or whatever. How much volume? It says "9x Volume" right here. Apparently the "Mega Brush" is supposed to help with this kind of thing. Do you want to know what "9x volume" looks like on me?

Seriously, Maybelline? No, seriously?

So that's going to be a no for The Colossal. My lashes are not even close to "colossal." When I think of "colossal" volume I think of actual, you know, volume. Those are my lashes on a regular day, but much darker. Oh, and the mascara has a really strong rose smell. It doesn't bother me -- though I'm not a fan of rose scents -- but it was still a little startling when I first opened the tube. Speaking of which, yellow mascara tube with purple accent? Do love. I love yellow, but I'm not buying this thing for the packaging.

Oh, and since I bought the washable version, this kills curls, too. That's a further no.

Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express retails for about $8 USD in drugstores. I paid less since I got it during a 40% off sale. Glad I waited. Was not impressed. Still loving the Panoramic Curl. L'Oreal continues to win the mascara battles: I'm still a huge fan of the L'Oreal Voluminous. I have two tubes in my dresser drawer right now for when I finish up Panoramic and Colossal. Oldie, but goldie. (I have a tube of L'Oreal's Extra Volume Collagen mascara, too, just so I can check that out.)

...what do you mean, I might have a mascara addiction? idea what you're talking about.

Anyway, have a turtle. His name is Quicky, but I call him Q for short.

He's waving goodbye.
Peace out.

blog; Bright-eyed.

before & after

There's really not a big difference in the two photos, because my makeup is minimal at best -- can't rock the brights like ARES can so I don't even trip. If there's any difference at all, though, it's how concealer makes me seem so much more awake. I've tried a couple of different concealers for my under-eye area, and none of them have really been all that great. My last liquid concealer was ULTA's, and while it was definitely opaque it was also pretty cakey and settled into lines. The MUFE concealer palette I own? Thicker, and worse. (Great for blemishes and redness, though.) There are so many concealers out there that I was wondering how much I'd go through before I found a good one -- drugstore, anyway, because I'm still not keen on dropping $16.50 USD for MAC concealers, I don't care how great they are. My dark circles are not nearly bad enough to merit $16.50 of cover-up.

(And if you're wondering why I'd have an MUFE concealer palette but not spend money on the MAC, I just want to say: the MUFE was a present.)

Turns out I didn't need to look too long. This look of wakefulness has been brought to you by:

E.L.F. Studio Line concealer in Medium

This is $3 USD, and it is some kind of magic. Feels nice and soothing -- must be the chamomile and green tea -- and removes puffiness! ...that'd be the caffeine. Blends very easily, and the highlighter's not bad either. It's very smooth for a liquid concealer, but dries quickly and doesn't feel tacky as it does. I've been using it for weeks, and I really like it. It's pretty amazing, considering I'm blogging at half-past four and I'm telling you, sometimes my dark circles can get really bad. But it works.

And it's $3 USD. I cannot ask for more. Or is it less?

And now, I should probably try and get that sleep. Thank god it's the weekend, or I'd be dead where I sit.

Friday, October 8

blog; Cooling down.

They say it's supposed to be autumn, but it feels more like summer than ever. The skies are blue, the weather balmy, it's just California being it's crazy self. I decided to wear some cool-toned colors on my eyes -- green, blue -- just to offset the feel of the day.

My face without foundation doesn't look half-bad, huh?

Thursday, September 30

blog; With actual substance!

Notice a big difference?

A childhood love of sodas and teas have rendered me a smile-mute; that is to say that when I smile, I do it close-lipped and quiet, without a hint of teeth. I was so embarrassed of my teeth, stained with chocolate and soda pop from years gone by. It doesn't help when almost everyone else around me seems to be free of this problem -- my brothers drink coffee (which is worse than soda in my opinion in terms of staining) and their smiles are downright dazzling. It's a real social handicap, being afraid to smile, especially because I love to laugh. I used to do it behind my hands. No, I wasn't being demure, I was being embarrassed.

After a lot of recent research, I decided to try and do something about it. After a lot of Google, and a lot of YouTube, I found that one Kandeejohnson teeth-whitening video, did some more research, and I've been using Plus White to whiten my teeth for the past week. Just one week and I'm already smiling. This makes me so happy.

And yeah, I'm still eating ice cream. Happy times two.

I've been trying to ease up on hauling, but somehow I've gone on a bit of a lipstick craze. I'm trying to find a good nude lipstick, which is why I tried Revlon's Matte lipstick in "Nude Attitude" and even Wet 'n Wild's MegaLast lipstick in 900B Pink Sugar but both wash me out. That bright lipstick is NYC's Ultra Last Lipwear in 405 Blue Rose, and I bought that just because the colour is so wild. It's hard to explain, but it's violet and I just couldn't resist. Also it was like $2. :( I'm wearing the Maybelline Colossal right now, but since it's the non-WP version it uncurled my lashes as soon as I put it on. And the volume? Not really seeing it...but we'll see once the formula starts to dry out a little.

My hair's starting to grow out; it always grows quickly in the summer.
Time to get a trim or something, maybe go shorter, with more layers.

My very good friend and awesome hairstylist ARES opened a new blog HERE. Check her out, she's absolutely awesome.


PS: This rapidly-developing crush on Korean pop culture has surely overtaken my life.

Tuesday, September 21

photos; When in doubt,

look up. The sky is as vast and free as the possibilities.

I hope everyone who reads this has a good week. ♥

blog; Best face.

Lately I've been gaining an interest in Korean uhljjang and Korean pop culture in general. I wonder what it is about the bright lights and the flash amidst all the selcas that I find so fascinating...

Must be the hallyu.

Friday, September 10

photos; Traveling snaps.

The title says it all. :)

My favourite snap is the last one. ♥

blog; To Anyone

Anyone a 2NE1 fan around here? I just recently discovered them and I've been wary about trying them out -- not a huge fan of girl groups here, not sure why -- but their newest music video for "Clap Your Hands" is pretty aces. I love their swagger, Minzy looks bangin', and Park Bom remains flawless as ever.

Also, I think it was CL who was wearing orange lipstick in the beginning of the music video? Do want. Orange is my in color of the year, I swear, I want orange blusher, orange lipstick,, I don't know about orange eyeliner, but that'd be interesting, wouldn't it?

Sunday, August 29

photos; Cherry Blossom

Lipstick by Wet 'n Wild: MegaColors line, in 904A, Cherry Blossom.
(This lipstick and the MegaColors line is discontinued, though.)

Wet 'n Wild is probably one of my most favorite drugstore brands; they have nice products, are fairly inexpensive, and are cruelty-free. Plus they've recently stepped up their game with their ColorIcons line. Thanks to a very reliable source, I've learned that Wet 'n Wild is BOGO free at Rite-Aid this week. Score. Guess where I'm going tomorrow?

I have also learned from another reliable source that ELF Studio Line products can be bought at 50% thanks to a sale that ends on the thirtieth. I don't actually need anything from the ELF Studio Line...or do I?

I can feel my debit card just wriggling in my wallet, hoping to be used.

Friday, August 27



Check it, listen, love. ♥

And I don't mean to sound desperate, but damn baby,
I'ma need you back; I don't care how many rabbits I'm pullin' outta hats,
I don't care how many times I wave this magic wand
I can't pretend like there's nothing wrong, come on.
I used to see you like all of the time, and now the only time
I see you is at night when I'm closing my eyes, when I'm dreamin',
hopin' it'll come true; damn shorty, I'm just hoping that you'll come through.


Tuesday, August 24

photos; Cut by ARES.

Last time I flashed a picture of me I looked like this.

Here are some wordless updates for you:

Cut by ARES, who is finally a licensed cosmetologist.

Hope you're all doing well. :)

Wednesday, August 4

blog; Little hero.

First of all, I am severely lacking in hair. But it feels kind of amazing. My friend ARES is a cosmetology student -- and she's amazing, might I add! -- and she cut my hair for me. Thinned it out a little and added some layers, too. When she gets her license she is totally going to kick some serious ass in the beauty world. And I get to blog about her awesome before anyone else! My hair looks really nice and healthy and the cut feels funny, but in a good way. I la-la-love it! (No photos because my laptop is broken and I can't upload digital camera photos onto this old bucket of bolts -- that I love nonetheless -- we call the family pc.)

Secondly, seeing ARES means seeing Diego and their son; they're my favourite little family. I love them. And my godson is brilliant. He's all of two (and a half!) and he sang the alphabet to me. His speech is clear with a hint of a lisp (thix??? six?!) and he is just the most darling little boy I have ever been blessed to meet. We were in the car earlier and he haughtily demanded a book! A book. This is a kid who enjoys his literature! My joy, it can't be contained in mere words. My godson is my little hero, and I feel so blessed to be a part of his life, however distant I may be. ARES has been told he might be a genius. I think he is. He's sweet as cherries and he loves to give kisses! He's going to be a heartbreaker when he's old enough to date. He already had girls fighting over him when he was playing at the playground with his dad, I heard!

I've never been good with kids. No patience. But goodness if my godson doesn't bring me a whole lot of joy. And I spent all of a half-hour in the car with him. Imagine if I got stuck with him an hour! He'd have me wrapped around his tiny pinky, that's for sure!

Lastly, I won .maitai's CNStores Giveaway! Exciting! I'm really thinking about what I should buy, and I'm torn between shoes -- boots or heels? I'll keep pondering...meanwhile, thank you, .mai, for creating the giveaway in the first place! :)

That's all, folks! Back to the depths of real life I go!

Monday, August 2

blog; Sigh,

I don't like not having my own laptop. :(

I really want to just get a new one but I should wait and see if the old one can be fixed...but as I'm sitting at the family pc right now blogging this, that'll be a while.


In other news I finished a Brent Weeks trilogy lent to me by a friend. It's amazing, I love it, and it is tragic. I'm such a sucker for fantasy epics, and this definitely counts as one. Ugh, cannot wait to discuss it with my friend when I return the book! :D

Wednesday, July 28

blog; Year 23

Happy birthday to me.

Monday, July 26

photos; The start of something new.

My birthday is coming up very soon. :)

My friend and I went to Sushi Boy to satisfy some sushi cravings!
P is awesome; I love her. We're seeing "Inception" on Tuesday. :)

Birthday present from my mum.
I love yellow flowers. It's my favourite colour.

Absolutely gorgeous. Nature outdoes anything man-made.

Monday, July 19

photos; Decisions, decisions.

Purple or silver?

Photo courtesy of my kid brother.

Sunday, July 18

photos; Watch out,

because mama's got a brand-new bag.

It's my birthday in a week-and-a-half, so m'dad took me on a drive to get myself a designer bag. In his opinion, every girl needs a designer bag in her life, and after finding the new love of my handbag-carrying life, I'm inclined to agree.

My bag is pink because I am kind of feminine that way. :)

Wednesday, July 14

blog; Just me.

Because I look like a rockstar. (Or a groupie.)

I have come to the realisation that as people change, so do their relationships to the people around them. It's a little bit like math; if one side of the equal sign changes, so must the other. That's how you keep things on an even keel. And you don't fuck with math. You fuck with math, you fuck with my math junkie friend D, and she will not hesitate to kick some ass. And when she's done she will teach you about fractals. Girl is badass.

My "nearest and dearest" are what I call the little sphere of people I know with whom I feel most comfortable. Funnily enough, a few of the so-called "nearest and dearest" aren't even nearby; one of them lives in Georgia, another went north, in the great white plains of Canada. (I was never a fan of geography, so if Canada doesn't have great white plains then you can just correct me.) They are people whom I would trust with my life, and by extension, my well-being. As the years have gone by, one changes, and so does the other. The relationship -- the equal sign -- has to stay on that even keel. That's just how it works. That's how the world works. That's what D -- and she's East Coast, too, last I checked -- says, anyway, and I tend to believe D when she says these things. Girl's a smart cookie.

Without physical closeness, I reach out to these people with something a little bit more intangible, and a little bit more raw. We exchange thoughts instead of hugs, and we forge a relationship that way. Without sight -- I don't see them, I don't meet them -- the other senses get stronger: you hear a little more, speak a little louder, and you learn to understand better. And the other person, in turn, hears more, speaks louder, and understands better, too.

People whom I can easily meet in my city don't get the same treatment. I see them, I hug them, and our exchanges become tangible, but they also become a little more guarded. Strangely enough, it's easier to hide in someone's plain sight than it is to hide from someone who is blind to you. People I've come to know from far away seem to know me better than people right beside me.

Tangible things are finite and can be measured. Hugs can be counted.
Intangible things have infinite worth. Try measuring love. Weighing it.

You sit with someone in a room and nobody speaks; most of the time it feels awkward and still, the silence can be heavy and suffocating. So someone talks. Sit alone in a room and get a text message from someone: :) and the silence can feel peaceful. You can maybe stay there with your thoughts and a smileyface for hours.

People whom others in my life may call "strangers" are 私の大事な人, "people who are valuable to me." I'm supremely thankful for them in my life.

Though that isn't to say that the tangible people, 目の前な人 (the people in front of my eyes) aren't as important, or valuable. They bring me a lot of joy. They're fun to hug. Their expressions make me laugh. All of this is important to me too. All of that also matters.

I suppose that what I mean is that, everyone you know changes you, whether you like it or not. No person will ever remain static, even if they stay in one place, as long as they have relationships with other people. When someone you know changes, you will inevitably change as well. That's the way the world works.

Nobody remains the same person very long. Everyone changes, even if it's not obvious.

Everyone learns. Everyone grows.

The people on the other side of my equal signs are all changing.

Saturday, July 3

photos; This is the summertime.

I like wearing flowers in my hair and pink on my face.

Also, I just bought Urban Decay Primer Potion and I don't know how I ever went without it. I cannot even recall having a pink show up that prettily in all the time I've owned it.

My summertime lipstick is Maybelline Moisture Extreme lipstick in Cool Watermelon that I got for $3 during the CVS 50%-75% off Beauty Clearance sale a while back. Glides on smoothly, has SPF15, is actually moisturising, smells like watermelon Jolly Rancher, and is a pop of bright colour. Not quite pink, but not quite coral, it's a really pretty colour and at the next BOGO FREE for Maybelline anywhere, I'm snagging two more tubes.

Thursday, July 1

blog; omg Alex!

I don't know who else reading this is following "So You Think You Can Dance" but Alex being involved in a hip-hop routine with Twitch as choreographed by NappyTabs was possibly one of the greatest moments of this season. And this is including Alex's really incredible contemporary routine two weeks back; that routine gave me shivers like you would not believe.

I am like freaking out like a freaking out...thing. Alex, you are an adorable hip-hop ballerina boy. Rooting for you, cutiepie!

Am also going to participate in Dance Day (end of July) by memorising NappyTabs' dance routine video they've got posted on the Dizzy Feet website. I don't know how to dance, so this'll definitely be an experience. :)

Saturday, June 26

blog; Updates and such.

Hi, Blogger-folks, it's been a while! I haven't written in two weeks!

I wish I could say I've been fantastically busy, but actually, I haven't. Spring term (of school) ended the week before last, and last week had been dedicated to a weekend with a Japanese pop star making his performing debut in Los Angeles. Jin Akanishi performed three mini-concerts in the span of two days to a very excited audience -- believe me, I was there! -- at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, California. It was entirely too fun and I don't know where that weekend went!

Now, though, things are a little bit more sedate. I've just been enjoying being on holiday, relaxing and taking things easy, so there's not been much to blog about. :/ otherwise I'd be here every day. Summer goals include finally getting that driver's license (and maybe a car??) and possibly renewing my passport for the trip to the Philippines everyone in my family's been pushing me to go on.

Not that I don't want to go, but it's just I don't want to go right now. I love my family but I know the moment I land I'll be besieged by questions and comments such as:
"What are you doing now?"
"Are you finished with school yet?"
"Why are you taking so long?"
"Do you have a boyfriend?"
"Why don't you have a boyfriend?"
"I know someone, are you interested?"
and my favourite...
"But you look so pretty! I don't know why you don't have a boyfriend!"

and I am just not ready for that sort of grilling. Right now, the only grilling I want involves fish and maybe vegetable kabobs.

Hmm, what else? Well, I've been going pretty steady with the Wii. I can't believe I'm working out 5 days a week now! It's been really good. I've been feeling much better and my metabolism's gone a bit mad. I used to eat small snacks quite often, but now I have to make sure to have salads and healthy snacks on hand, or I'll eat just about anything I can get my hands on! It's a good thing that working out has given me a healthier mindset, because I've been trading in salty snacks and microwavable dinners for learning to cook with variation and a lot of salads. It's gotten to the point that I don't even really think about burgers and fries anymore. I mean, sure, they're great, but...hmm.

I'm not sure whether to be happy or sad about this, to be perfectly honest. :(

Although tonight my dad took me to Claim Jumper's and I tried their new Citrus-Serrano Shrimp Pasta. It's pretty good, by the way, and the garlic cheese toast side is scrumptious. But despite my now-busy metabolism, I couldn't even put a dent in my plate. Seriously, I went at it for a good five minutes and it looked like I hadn't touched it when I gave up! On the bright side, I'll get to have it again for lunch later today (it's almost 3am as I write this)...and maybe even's a lot of food.

In addition to getting physically fit, I've been trying to get mentally and emotionally fit, too. Been doing a lot of thinking. My personal life's been pretty odd this past month so I've been trying to stay at a good place. I think I might start meditating again to keep myself level.

I try not to get too sad. It's summertime; my birthday will be coming before I know it.

I want to go on a getaway.

Today was...interesting.

Thursday, June 10

photos; Brights.

My sister-in-law and I were at TJ Maxx when I wandered over to the wallets/clutches section of the store and stared, slack-jawed at a collection of brightly-coloured wallets. My sister-in-law noticed, walked over, and told me to pick out what I wanted. Whatever I chose would be her birthday present to me.

I was terribly indecisive and returned to her with three in my grasp. I asked her to choose what she thought was nicest and she ended up buying me all three of them.

My favourite might have to be the quilted pink one.