Sunday, December 4

Trouble Maker MV

Korean pop idol group members Jang Hyunseung of B2ST/BEAST ("SHOCK," "Bad Girl," and "Fiction") and Kim Hyuna of 4MINUTE ("Hot Issue," "Heart 2 Heart," and "Mirror Mirror") have teamed up to create Trouble Maker. Their debut single? ...well, it's Trouble Maker. The title track is a jazz-infused pop song with an easily addictive beat and the sexiest whistling I've ever heard. Then again, I have a bias in Hyunseung. The boy makes a leopard-print dinner jacket look some kinda sexy.

The plot is very James Bond if I'm interpreting it correctly, but who needs a plot when you have two attractive Korean kids in stylish clothes dropping it like it's hot? Hyuna does her best "sex kitten" imitation here, which would be impressive if I didn't know Kuroki Meisa does it better. (See: "Bad Girl" PV.) The rap seemed like the only reason they had Hyuna in the unit, but Hyunseung does a great job vocally, but I'm probably only saying that because hey, I have a bias in Hyunseung!

Honestly, though, the MV itself is fun to watch, and the song is good. I'm digging Hyuna's look here, which is more coquettish than sexy in my personal opinion. Her hair is effing cute, and her makeup is bangin'.

Now if she would only ditch the circle lenses...

And Hyunseung? Hyunseung's great. Hyunseung is perfect. I'm biased, don't judge me.

Tuesday, October 18


I saw my [ stylist ] the other day because my roots were grown in and looked a little bad; see [ here ] for that hot mess. ARES helped fix my roots and trimmed my ends, because whoo boy, they were looking a little frayed when I got to her salon.

My hair update is just fixed roots, a trim, and I think she gave me a couple of highlights. My hair is now red-auburn with lingering hints of violet; at least that's how I see it. In the bright sunlight, it shows up way more red than in flash photography. It's all good with me, considering I don't personally jive with the idea of showing up to work with violet hair. (It's great for some people, but not for me.)

In other news, life continues its sedate pace. Absolutely nothing exciting has happened in my life, and considering my personality, that's a pretty good thing. I've gone ahead and gotten a public Twitter to follow bloggers/Twitters of interest, which is actually pretty fun considering I forget my Twitter exists until the very end of the day. Heh, but when I do check it, it's a little Twitter list of beauty blogs and updates. ♥

I've been pretty good about my no-buy, with the exception of the Stila thing -- the package arrived, by the way, but my first impression of the Stila tinted moisturizers are not too positive -- and this online order I'm going to place on the Walgreens website as soon as I finish this blog. As always, I'm going to blame Nouveau Cheap for this one; her enabling ways are stronger than Force Persuasion. If you wanna know to what I'm referring, please check [ here ] for that information. Brilliant stuff, I have to say.

Halloween's coming up soon. Plans? I have none. All I know for a fact is that I have to go to LACMA before the month's end so I can enjoy the Tim Burton exhibit they have there one last time.

I'm terrible at concluding my writing -- always have been, always will be -- so let me save myself from embarrassment with a little smidgen of food porn:

That hideous creation in the top picture is a food truck's version of a Hawaiian loco moco (and it was delicious until I could not eat another bite), while the bottom picture is Japanese takoyaki -- fried balls of batter with octopus inside -- with ponzu sauce. Delicious.

Saturday, October 8

No buy? What no buy?

My favorite Blogger resource for inexpensive makeup, [ Nouveau Cheap ], has tested my limits and won with this post about [ Stila's 5 Foundations for 5 Dollars ] post. I've never really tried anything from Stila, but they've always been a brand of interest for me considering people rave about a variety of their products all the time, all over the internet. I've also never been a big fan of foundation since I don't see my skin as problematic enough to need that much coverage, but tinted moisturizer is an entirely different story. I adore tinted moisturizer. (I love Revlon's ColorStay and PhotoReady foundations, true, but I tend to use them for special occasions.) I'll probably try four out of the five foundations listed -- I'm not a fan of the bronzing TM.

I can feel my debit cards sighing in exasperation already.

October update.

My red has completely faded, and my roots have grown in with a vengeance.

I've been trying to grow my hair back out (I have a preference for longer hair) but it's been a little difficult; the dyeing has left my hair pretty weak and I can see a lot of split ends already. Luckily I'll be visiting my stylist tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get rid of these ends -- and maybe get more red in, I haven't really decided yet.

I also have a new phone. It's been about a month.

This is the white iPhone4. I think the big difference between this and the iPhone4S is just the camera and there's something involving voice activation, so I didn't wait for that one. Lately my biggest obsession thanks to it has been that one game, "Cut the Rope"...the little monster Om Nom is endearing. Gah.

Meanwhile, work has been work. Being asocial is a really bad thing when one works in retail, I can tell you that...